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Waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to be paid after work has been redered is hard for most businesses. Since cash is the lifeblood of all business, receiving payments in a timely fashion can mean the difference in making a payroll or missing it.  Since waiting 60 days to receive payment is often the rule rather than the exception, and since most businesses don't have a line of credit or other cash reserve, there needs to be an alternative.  This is where Cash Solutions, Inc. can help.  The following is a list of a few ways we help business owners, investors, and individuals receive funding:

Accounts Receivable / Purchase Order Funding
Allows a business to receive funding based on the sale of Invoices or Purchase Orders. This allows the business to receive funding while it becomes bankable. 

Jumbo Note Acquisition 
We buy discounted jumbo notes from banks.  We restructure the principal balance so the home owner has positive equity. 

Private Mortgage Acquisition
We buy discounted, privately held mortgages (i.e. mortgages created by Seller Financing).

Merchant Advance Funding
Allows a business to receive funding based on its Future Credit Card Sales.

Credit Card Processing
If You feel your business is paying too much to accept credit cards, contact us.  

Medical Receivables Funding
Allows a Medical Practice to receive funding based on the sale of Medical Receivables (such as Medicare and Private Insurance payments).
"By Partnering with Cash Solutions, Inc. We No Longer Have Cash Flow Concerns, Money and Business Move as They are Supposed to."
  -Barbara Knight, Proprietor
Right Resource Management Group
Memphis, TN

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