Cash Solutions, Inc. is Your Best Source for Value-Driven, Business Funding. 

Established in 1996, we have over 15 years of collective knowledge and experience that  give us a unique advantage in providing funding to growing companies.  At Cash Solutions, Inc. our goal is to help Owners and Managers grow their business, who otherwise would not have that opportunity, if their growth was dependent on traditional financing only. 

Unlike funding from a Traditional Source, many of our funding products do not strap our clients with making payments. In many instances our approval decision has very little to do with a Business Owner's Personal Credit History. Cash Solutions, Inc. frequently funds businesses whose owner has a bankruptcy on their personal credit record.

Cash Solutions, Inc. provides cash to businesses who need money to pay taxes, meet payroll, and to grow their business by taking on New Customers and Contracts.

Cash Solutions, Inc. offers several Specialty Funding Products to help a variety of business people, including former Business Owners who are receiving monthly payments for a business they have sold.

Many clients tell us they sleep better knowing they will always have the cash they need to take on new business. Contact Cash Solutions, Inc. to find out how we can help you grow your business with confidence.

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 "Although my bank was unwilling to help, Cash Solutions provided the cash needed to allow my business to grow!" 
-P Davis, Proprietor
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