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​How often do you issue an invoice for services or products delivered and your customers take 15, 30, or even 60+ days to pay? Unfortunately this happens all too often and a business can be short the cash it needs to meet payroll, pay taxes, and stay on top of everyday expenses.

When you borrow money to meet your expenses, your business incurs new debt. This new debt increases your expenses by the amount of the interest charged and reduces the bottom line of your business. 

Accounts Receivable Funding is not a loan, so there is no debt to repay. Your balance sheet is more attractive and your financial position is strengthened.
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Memphis Factoring
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Waiting 30, 60, or 90 days to be paid after work has been rendered is hard for most businesses. Since cash is the lifeblood of all business, receiving payments in a timely fashion can mean the difference in making a payroll or missing it. Since waiting 60 days to receive payment is often the rule rather than the exception, and since most businesses don't have a line of credit or other cash reserve, there needs to be an alternative. 

To close this cash gap, many business owners turn to conventional funding sources, such as a bank. However, business owners are sometimes surprised when their request for a loan or line of credit is declined. In the late 90's it was reported that more than 80% of all Small and Medium-sized Businesses that apply for a bank loan were turned down. The SBA indicated in 2006 more than 92% of small businesses that apply for a bank loan were turned down. Today, that figure would certainly be closer to 100%. So what’s a business owner to do?

Providing Memphis Factoring is What We Do

Memphis Factoring can be a Viable Solution When You Need Business Capital

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So What is Memphis Factoring?

Many Small Business Owners have discovered Alternative Funding for their business and as a result have watched their business grow. One such alternative for small business owners is Memphis Factoring or accounts receivable funding. This is where invoices, in accounts receivable of a Memphis business are sold to create instant cash flow for that business.

While this may sound like a new strategy for creating cash flow for business, it’s one that been used by fortune 500 companies for decades. However, as recent as 25 years ago this strategy was only available to large companies, those doing about 3 million dollars or more per month. The advantage to using accounts receivable funding to infuse cash into a business is that it’s easy to obtain...The business owner’s personal credit plays only a very small role in the approval process. In fact, at Cash Solutions, Inc. many clients have bankruptcies on their credit record.

Another advantage to this type of funding it that companies don’t need to be in business for any particular length of time...It doesn’t matter if the business is 2 days old or 20 years old. Depending on how motivated the owner is, the process can be completed with money in their business bank account in 2-3 business days. Once the account is set up, funding can occur overnight. Another advantage to this type of funding is that the amount of the funding grows as the business grows. This capital is often used to take on new business and can help a business grow at a much faster pace.

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This is where Memphis Factoring can mean the difference of your business surviving or failing. Cash Solutions, Inc. is here to help.